We are constantly extending our LTE high-speed internet coverage area. LTE lets you perform fast uploads and downloads of web pages and videos. Even better, you can now use LTE to surf right on your smartphone!

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    Super fast mobile internet

    While 3G (GSM, EDGE, UMTS) gave you fast internet, LTE pushes the accelerator. Get speeds up to 110 Mbps. At more than 10x the speed of 3G, you're sure to be blown away.


    Really fast page downloads

    LTE will display pages, video and all your multimedia content so fast you won't be able to keep up. The blazing 110 Mbps means less time waiting for content to load, and more time enjoying what you love.


    Fast streaming HD videos

    Even large HD videos won't be a problem on the LTE network from O2. LTE gives you a lightning fast, stable internet connection that doesn't get hung up buffering or downloading. Enjoy your movies faster and without interruption.


    Your office is wherever you are

    LTE let's you work wherever you want. Office in the park or local cafe? Why not. Connect with speeds that are just as fast as if you were in your own office. All your emails, documents and data are handy at all times.


    A world of applications

    You don't have to wait to download large apps to your laptop or tablet. Go ahead and download with LTE Mobile Internet and you can start using your apps within seconds.



    What you need

    To get connected you need to be within the LTE network coverage area. You also need a mobile phone, tablet or a modem that supports LTE and the new type of SIM card (USIM).

    How to recognize a USIM

    To find out if you have a USIM card you can dial *444*#. Within a few seconds you’ll receive an SMS informing you if your SIM card is a USIM card or not.

    If you do not have this kind of card we will swap it for you for free at an O2 Shop.

    LTE phones, tablets, modems

    In order to enjoy fast LTE internet, you need a phone, tablet, or modem that supports this service.

    Test LTE in O2 Shops in Prague or Brno

    You can now try out the LTE speed personally in Prague or Brno. Stop by a shop that’s convenient for you and we’ll be happy to tell you more about LTE. You can also arrange a meeting with an O2 Guru online and be the first one in the queue.

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    Find out how fast mobile internet can be

    An O2 Guru will gladly show you everything that LTE can do. Choose an available time and arrange a meeting with them directly in one of our shops where LTE is available.



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