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    Download (maximum speed) Upload (maximum speed) Monthly Monthly w/FREE tariff 
    Start+ 2 Mbps 0,25 Mbps CZK 353 CZK 353 Buy
    Optimal+ 20 Mbps 2 Mbps CZK 505 CZK 405 Buy
    Aktiv+ 40 Mbps 2 Mbps CZK 606 CZK 506 Buy

    Prices include VAT.Complete Terms and conditions Self-installation package CZK 210, WiFi modem CZK 984

    Get an internet and O2 TV bundle at a great price

    Download (maximum speed) Number of O2 TV channels  Monthly Monthly w/FREE tariff 
    Optimal+ with O2 TV 20 Mbps Over 50 TV channels CZK 656 CZK 556 More information
    Aktiv+ with O2 TV 40 Mbps Over 50 TV channels CZK 757 CZK 657 More information

    Prices include VAT. Complete Terms and conditions Self-installation package CZK 210, WiFi modem CZK 984, set-top-box CZK 2136

    Why Home Internet from O2

    The most popular internet in the country

    With more than 900,000 connections, internet from O2 is the most frequently used fixed internet service in the country. Reliability and stability mean you can rely on it when you need it. And with unlimited data, surf all you want.

    Highspeed VDSL: up to 40 Mbps

    More than a million households can connect to the internet at 30 to 40 Mbps. Customers that already have Home internet from O2 can upgrade from ADSL to VDSL in My O2 web self-care.

    WiFi for all smart devices

    With Home Internet the family can share one internet connection. No more fighting for space around the cable-connected PC. Thanks to a WiFi modem you can create your own wireless network at home and get unlimited access for smartphones, tablets, notebooks, computers, or even a gaming console or smart TV.

    Internet + O2 TV: A new dimension in home entertainment

    Get special pricing on digital TV service with Home Internet. O2 TV is the only service that allows you to watch programs up to 30 hours after they were broadcast. Choose from more than 100 TV channels from home, and around the world. Welcome to a new dimension in home entertainment.

    What happens after ordering

    More than 90% customers get connected within 10 days


    You’ll immediately receive an email confirmation.


    We‘ll send you a self-installation bundle with modem and easy set-up manual via post.


    If a line needs to be installed in your home, we‘ll call you within 3 working days to arrange a technician’s visit for free.


    After the technician installs the line and ensures that it works; you can connect your modem and get online.

    If you already have Home Internet

    Upgrade your existing internet connection

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    Get O2 TV in addition to your internet for a great price

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