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    Manage your Internet settings in&nbspMy&nbspO2

    Manage your Internet settings in My O2

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    FUP monthly Maximum download / upload speed Internet price monthly
    Internet on Your Mobile S
    Email and Facebook, checking the weather or transit schedules
    200 MB
    110 Mb/s
    55 Mb/s
    included Activate
    Internet on Your Mobile M
    For frequent use of the internet, occasional videos, and navigation
    1.5 GB
    110 Mb/s
    55 Mb/s
    CZK 152 Activate
    Internet on Your Mobile L
    For frequent YouTube videos, downloading large files
    3 GB
    110 Mb/s
    55 Mb/s
    CZK 354 Activate
    Internet on Your Mobile XL
    Video calling, watching HD videos, connection sharing
    10 GB
    110 Mb/s
    55 Mb/s
    CZK 605 Activate

    Prices include VAT.

    Data abroad

    You can stay online even on your holiday abroad. With data roaming packages you can use internet wherever you are. More

    Internet on your mobile and FREE tariffs

    You can use Internet on Your Mobile with all of our FREE tariffs. Most of them include internet in the price. You can change plans and settings based on your needs directly in My O2.

    Superfast LTE internet on our Smart Network

    Internet on Your Mobile lets you surf via the LTE network with speeds up to 75 Mbps. Enjoy lightning fast page loads; smooth, continuous streaming of HD videos; and quick downloads even for large files.

    More information


    When you already have internet from O2 on your phone, you can get one more SIM card and share data with your tablet or notebook. More

    Useful applications

    For entertainment or work, use Internet on Your Mobile to its full potential and fill your phone with the applications that matter to you.
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    How to activate Internet on Your Mobile


    Choose an Internet on Your Mobile tariff that suits your needs


    Log into My O2 and simply set up your chosen tariff


    Internet access is immediately set-up for you. You’ll receive a confirmation via SMS


    Manage your internet settings in My O2

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    Super fast
    LTE internet
    up to 110 Mb/s