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    Public chat rooms

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    Public Chat Rooms:

    • Biják (Cinema) - sex, blood, action, happy ends and famous stars
    • Flirt - sex, dating, sex, dating and dating and sex
    • Muzika (Music) - the volume knob to the extreme right, the parents to the extreme left and let the neighbors go to hell
    • Pokec (Light Chat) - gossip and tittle-tattle about almost anything
    • Sport - anabolic, sweat, victory, bribes and idols
    • Kudykam (Where to go) - clubs, pubs, galleries, concerts and other happening joints
    • Vtipy (Jokes) - Anecdotes, jokes and black humor
    • RDRPR - Radary Praha (Prague Speeding Radar) - send and receive traffic information in Prague, including the location of speeding radars and other checks
    • RDRD - Radary Dálnice (Motorway Speeding Radar)
    • RDRJC - Rada ry Jižní Čechy (South Bohemia Speeding Radar)
    • RDRSC - Radary Severní Čechy (North Bohemia Speeding Radar)
    • RDRVC - Radary Východní Čechy (East Bohemia Speeding Radar)
    • RDRZC - Radary Západní Čechy (West Bohemia Speeding Radar)
    • RDRST - Radary Střední Čechy (Central Bohemia Speeding Radar)
    • RDRSM - Radary Severní Morava (North Moravia Speeding Radar)
    • RDRJM - Radary Jižní Morava (South Moravia Speeding Radar)
    • RDRBR - Radary Brno (Brno Speeding Radar)