O2 Hot Spot

    Connect to the internet around town or at your favorite café with O2 Hot Spots. These access points are placed strategically at important locations in the Czech Republic.


    • very fast data transmission
    • wireless technology (you don't need, for instance, a telephone cable)
    • connect at any O2 Hot Spot
    • different billing options (short-term connection / long-term connection)

    You need

    • WiFi-enabled notebook, tablet, or mobile phone
    • WiFi modem or PCMCIA card

    It's so easy

    The only requirements for using O2 Hot Spot are that you have a device that supports the IEEE 802.11b standard and have the WiFi certificate. Most new notebooks and PDAs come fully equipped. (Look for the WiFi logo.)
    If your notebook does not support the 802.11b standard, you can also use this service with a variety of extensions (such as PC cards or USB peripheries, SD or CF cards).

    Detailed information about O2 Hot Spot

    Corporate Account Line

    800 111 777or *77 from an O2 mobile phone

    More information

    Modems and data

    Modems and other data devices for connecting to the internet


    Coverage map

    See signal coverage in all parts of the Czech Republic

    Show coverage map