O2 Exclusive

    The program that offers many advantages
    just for combining all your major telecom and IT services.

    Exclusive care and exclusive benefits are yours
    when you combine your services on O2

    A specific customer care specialist responsible for your account

    Service manager quality guarantee
    for your data lines

    Services that are always
    tuned to optimal settings

    More benefits of the O2 Exclusive program

    Combine these services and take advantage of our program benefits

    O2 Exclusive


    Enhanced employee mobility


    Fixed line
    Today's office standard

    Company networks
    Reliable data and connectivity

    O2 Exclusive with ICT


    ICT services will make your business more efficient

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    O2 Exclusive program benefits

    O2 ExclusiveO2 Exclusive with ICT

    ICT Consultancy
    We’ll help you analyze your needs, and then set up an ICT (Information and Communication Technology) system that fits your requirements. We’ll even help train your employees to use it. More

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    Exclusive care
    Exclusive care offers you the most experienced specialists. Receive care even for privately used services, plus priority execution of your requests. More

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    Quality guarantee
    We’ll continually monitor your services and in the event of a disruption, increase the priority until the problem is resolved. More

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    Review meetings
    We'll keep an eye on your services and regularly analyze their settings and how you use them. Then we’ll meet with you to discuss results and solutions. More

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    Loyalty rewards
    We appreciate your trust and to say thank you, we’ve prepared lower prices on phones, and intra-company calling, just for our Exclusive customers. More

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    If you wish to get more information, or if you're interested in participating in the O2 Exclusive program,
    contact your business representative.