Comtrend VR-3031eu

    A dual VDSL and ADSL technology modem suitable for home or the office

    CZK 1,799
    ZyXEL VMG1312-B30B

    Dual VDSL/ADSL modem for high-speed internet at home or in the office

    CZK 1,799
    ALCATEL OT Y858V LINK CAT4 (LTE modem)

    4G LTE router for the fastest mobile internet

    CZK 1,795
    Huawei B315 LTE router

    Ultra fast internet connectiion for you home or office

    CZK 3,600
    Tip O2
    ZyXEL Prestige 660HN-T3A

    ADSL2+ modem for home internet

    CZK 1,799
    ALCATEL OT H850 (LTE modem/router)

    4G LTE home station for full home connectivity for up to 22 users

    CZK 2,495
    Zyxel WAP 5805 WiFi

    Multifunctional device for transmitting and receiving 5 GHz WiFi signal. A pair makes ideal wireless connection to O2 TV

    CZK 1,245
    ZyXEL PLA4211

    This device runs the internet or O2 TV signal via electric network around your home or office

    CZK 1,495
    Comtrend WAP 5883

    Multipurpose WiFi repeater for Wi-Fi signal extension and better wireless coverage

    CZK 735
    Nexpring NP10M

    Multi-purpose WiFi router with 3G connection support

    CZK 2,695
    Gigaset base kit

    Base station, motion and door sesor are ready to secure your household

    CZK 4,800
    Gigaset camera

    An electronic observer that keeps an eye on your loved ones and your property

    CZK 3,600
    Gigaset alarm

    Starts to make a racket in case of burglary

    CZK 1,495
    Gigaset motion sensor

    Ensures that no unwanted visitor roams your home

    CZK 1,495
    Gigaset door sensor

    Checks the door of your flat or house

    CZK 1,495