We care about the Czech Republic

Telecommunications is a key sector in the modern economy. It is the cornerstone of digitalization and competitiveness across society. Investments in telecommunications infrastructure are an important engine of the economy.

O2 investments
Investments in the Telecommunications infrastructure generate gross domestic product (GDP) growth and multiply economic activity. This is apparent from a significant correlation with growth in labour productivity. This has been confirmed in the CEVRO Institute 's sectoral analysis Telecommunications in the Czech Republic.

Building and operating a truly high-quality internet connection, which is available almost everywhere, requires huge capital investments, a lot of human labour, technology and electricity. Did you ever notice mobile signal transmitters on your countryside walks? These form only the smaller, visible part of the network. Yes, the internet is not visible, but we all somehow expect to have it. We at O2 strive to make this expectation a daily reality. For you, for everyone, for all.

Topping the world’s rankings
OpenSignal surveyed independent coverage and signal quality in mobile data services in 2019 and confirmed our top position. The Czech Republic outperformed Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy, Finland, Sweden, Austria and several other developed European countries. The analysis covered 5 different criteria: 4G signal coverage, user experience with video viewing, download speed, upload speed and latency (response delay).

Canadian company Tutela, which also measures the network quality around the world, performed a similar test in 2019. Based on five important parameters for quality and consistency in data transmission, mobile networks in the Czech Republic scored second! Here is a proof that it is not a random or one-off result.