Improving digital literacy

We respond to current social issues and help solve them. We realize that what we do can carry certain risks. That is why we educate, inform and positively influence the public, especially young people, children and their parents, in the field of safe conduct on the internet and meaningful use of mobile devices and modern communication technologies.


In 2019, we continued the general partnership of the project E-Bezpečí (E-Safety) which is implemented by the Faculty of Education of Palacký University Olomouc, specifically its Centre for Prevention of Virtual Communication Risks. Thanks to our support, in 2019 E-Safety was able to focus on educational, prevention and intervention activities.

E-Bezpečí is the expert guarantor of our program O2 Chytrá škola.

The documentary V SÍTI

Collaborating on research activities in the field of cyber security and digital literacy brings important findings for the further direction of educational activities and can even be an inspiration for a large social event. The numbers from our research inspired the documentary V SÍTI (Caught in the Net) which subsequently became the film event of 2020. We approached documentary filmmakers Vít Klusák and Barbora Chalupová to make a "viral video" for us, which would present what the numbers from the research shockingly mean. But that was not enough, so in the end the feature film was produced, which broke many records in the documentary world and managed to shed light on the hidden corners of our children's virtual life. Our actions spurred a society-wide debate on child abuse in the cyber world.  

The documentary also has a shortened, purely educational, version Caught in the net: Skip school, which is intended for school screenings and for which there are also methodological materials for the work of teachers or preventionists. We are the main partner of this preventive campaign and educational activities that follow on the document.


We created and launched a communication and educational campaign on the topic of the documentary #V síti nejsem lovná.