We educate

We promote environmental education and news.

Each of us can make a difference

We regularly train our employees in sustainability and how to behave in a way that does not harm the environment. We organize firm-wide internal campaigns, which provide them with new skills and knowledge, offer tips and ways to lead environmental friendly life. We motivate them and give them a chance to participate and be responsible themselves.






Pass it on

  • Minimalism and eco-friendly life

Are you sure you will eat all that

  • How not to waste food

Give household waste a lease of life

  • Bio-waste

Waste and its impact on environment

  • Zero-waste

We care about our forests

Increasingly alarming news about climate change and deforestation is forcing us to think about how to reduce the nember of printed documents and to motivate cuszomers to think ecologically and rationally along with us. We digitalize our processes and prefer electronic form of communication.

Since 2019, we are actively engaged in reforestration through our project SázejStromy.cz (Plant Trees). This volunteering initiative aims to clean-up forests and plant trees as well as have a greater impact through extensive communication and public involvement. Just in first four months of the project dozens of our employees joined in 6 locations and planted almost 10 000 saplings.