Freedom is not a matter of course

We are a Czech operator that co-creates the technological future of our country. That is why we feel co-responsibility for the state in which it is. One way to reap the benefits of this responsibility is to talk openly about important social issues. Our social campaign #SvobodaNeniSamozrejmost (Freedom Is (Still) Not Granted)  aims to remind all of us how vulnerable freedom is. And that is definitely not something we should take for granted.

We have decided to celebrate heroic deeds throughout the year 2019 and to commemorate the moments that marked the turn of history – thanks to which we have now been living in a free and democratic country for more than 30 years (see more on website

Věra Čáslavská Foundation
We respectfully supported project Rovná páteř (Straight Spine), which is implemented by the Věra Čáslavská Foundation. 

As the name of the project suggests, Straight Spine not only supports the posture of the body and develops a child’s relationship to physical activity, but also refers to the moral values and attitudes defended by the Olympian gymnast Věra Čáslavská.