Protecting personal information and privacy

Delivery of telecommunications services inevitably requires the processing of many items of personal data about our customers.

The legislation which regulates the processing of personal, operating and localization data is extensive, complex and often hard to understand. We at O2 want our customers to understand why we process certain information, which items, and to know their rights. 

O2 has ISO-compliant processes and security measures in place to prevent privacy breaches. We take local – in the Czech Republic and Slovakia – as well as global attacks on privacy very seriously. We learn from the mistakes of others and we constantly improve our security standards. 

Also, we were not the target of any security incident which would result in a leak of personal information.

We impose the same stringent privacy protection requirements on our suppliers, too. Suppliers must have control of their processes and systems where personal data processing takes place. Risk analysis and a direct contact for handling security incidents are a matter of course.