Our internal policies address also anti-discrimination and include various measures. The company's rules directly oblige the employer not to allow anything in any employment relationship that could be construed as direct or indirect discrimination. When selecting employees, concluding employment contracts, training and career development, we operate with clear criteria such as ability, skills, experience and performance. 

The trade unions play an important role in the protection of employees and their rights. Firstly, employees negotiate company-wide remuneration terms and conditions, benefits and working conditions, and at the same time employees can seek counsel of their trade union in labour law disputes.

We embrace the principles of diversity not only internally, but also externally. We were one of the first to join the Diversity Charter and become the founding signatories of the European Union’s  Diversity Charter in the Czech Republic.

Due to the size of the company, the number of employees and the growing average wage, we are aware of the risk arising from Section 81 (1) of the Employment Act concerning the obligation to employ persons with disabilities (PWDs). Since 2018, we have been proceeding in accordance with the internal strategy of employment of PWDs, which allows us to better identify these people within the company, get potential candidates from this group in the labor market, ensure their faster adaptation and prepare other employees for their arrival and improve mutual cooperation.