Helping and supporting

Our technology is helping people

We are a Czech telecommunications company and therefore we focus primarily on our immediate surroundings and on areas related to our business. From the beginning, we have tried to help mainly by what we do, i.e. to provide technology and services to support and help in our communities, and to improve the quality of life of various, especially disadvantaged groups. We also support activities and projects that have a positive impact on development and education of children and young people.

We provide universal service

As the only entity in the Czech Republic, we continued to operate all 3 partial universal services in 2019, namely the operation of public payphones, the provision of special pricing plans for people with disabilities and the sale of special terminal equipment at a subsidized price. These services have helped hundreds of thousands of people call the emergency number outside their homes without a mobile phone, save on telecommunications services, or enabled them to purchase telecommunications equipment that has helped them communicate with their loved ones at a distance.

We save lives

We developed the O2 SOS application, which helps save lives, especially in the event of cardiac arrest. It automatically reaches out to trained volunteers around the patient who can give  first aid before an ambulance or helicopter can reach the patient. The availability and quality of emergency medical services in the Czech Republic are among the best in Europe. However, in the case of a heart attack, every minute counts. Using the application can thus contribute to an increase in the number of patients who survive the coronary incident.

The Medical Rescue Service of the Hradec Králové Region, which was also the first active user, played a significant role in the development of the application. In 2018, we provided the application free of charge in five other regions, in the Central Bohemian, South Bohemian, Liberec, Plzeň and Karlovy Vary regions.

You can see how O2 SOS works in this video

Global Teacher Prize

In the Czech Republic there are many inspiring and motivating teachers who lead their students on the path to education and support their curiosity.They are important for our children and the successful future of the whole country, because it is largely made up of quality education.

In 2019, we became the main partner of the prestigious award Global Teacher Prize Czech Republic. It recognizes teachers from primary and secondary schools in the Czech Republic.

Let´s appreciate good teachers


We support the Eduzměna Endowment Fund, which focuses on long-term and sustainable approaches with a demonstrable impact on improving children's learning. We are glad that we can be part of a platform of representatives of private, non-profit and also state sectors, which want to support systemic changes in children's education in the Czech Republic, leading to comprehensive social change through joint efforts, know-how and finances.


We were actively involved in supporting the EDUín Award project. It draws attention to interesting innovative projects in Czech formal and non-formal education and to projects supporting the teaching profession. The EDUín Award includes specific deeds or groups of activities, projects, outputs that have helped children, pupils, students, parents or teachers in meaningful education. In 2020, these were activities related to the spring closure of schools due to the covid-19 pandemic.


In 2019, O2 was a partner of the competition of short amateur films for young people "You too are a filmmaker" on the topic of fake news and hoaxes, organized by the FebioFest festival. School teams and individuals from the age of 13 could take part in the competition. The topic was dissemination of fake and alarming messages on the Internet. The topic of media literacy is also one of the key topics of our O2 Smart School program.

We support schools and teachers during the covid-19 pandemic

During the closure of schools due to the coronavirus pandemic, we provided a data connection completely free of charge to provide distance learning to disadvantaged children and teachers who provide distance learning.

We support Czech culture

During the covid-19 pandemic, we were the main partner of the new cultural platform Film LIVE.  Film LIVE supports artists and connects live culture with viewers on their television screens. The platform not only helps to convey culture to people, but also contributes to the survival of culture as a whole.Úplné výsledky se nepodařilo načíst.