We are a team

The total number of O2 Group employees in the Czech Republic is 4,360*. This number ranks us among the 20 largest employers in the Czech Republic and is further proof of how our business affects the economic and social environment of our country. Together with O2 SK, the number of employees reaches 5,116.

* Data as at 2019 year-end includes permanent (non-agency) employees of O2 CZ, O2 IT Services and O2 Family.

Our success wouldn´t have been possible without our employees. Although the high-tech industry should be a traditional "male stronghold," when you look at numbers, you see a different picture. The figure below shows the representation of men and women and other indicators that we perceive as key.

We in O2 also care about the stability of the employment relationship, as follows from its average duration. It is a very stable number for such a dynamic field, and we are constantly increasing it. Diversity is an important component of sustainability and we regard excessive employee turnover as one of the fundamental risks in the human resources area. That is why we value the loyalty of our employees.