We care about people and environment

We want to be a successful and trustworthy company. Therefore we do things simply with emphasis on meaningful decisions, fair stance and responsible attitude of each of us.

To succeed as a responsible business company, we need to understand the issues that concern people the most, not only thinking of what to do to meet people’s expectations and financial results, but about how to do it in a responsible way. This long-term vision guarantees the sustainability of our business performance.

Responsible approach is an integral part of our corporate culture. Therefore, we focus on areas, where we can make a difference and bring positive changes to the lives of our customers, employees and the whole society. As a sustainable business we want to contribute to the future of the world around us.

In compiling this non-financial report, we focused on areas important in the telecommuinication sector. Our knowledge of the Czech market environment, our position in it, our long-term local presence as well as materiality analysis among our significant staholders have helped us determine the reelevance of various issues in the Czech society.

This report on our non-financial key performance indicators supplements the Annual Report as required by Part Eight, Sections 32f-32i of Act no. 563/1991 Coll., on accounting, which substitutes the European Parliament and Coundil Directive 2014/95/EU.