O2 Car Control

Save up to 20% of car fleet maintenance costs


Overview of your car fleet movement


Easier administration


Return on investments within one year


Fully hosted solution


Integration with your current systems

Have a constant overview and current information

Monitor your car fleet online. Thanks to the most up-to-date information and its evaluation you can save up to 20% of your car fleet maintenance costs. The Car Control system will also create an electronic log book for you, which can be used for taxation purposes. 

What you can monitor

Where your vehicles currently are and where they have been

What mileage your vehicles have done

How much the vehicles have filled up and how much fuel they have actually used up

Overall pricelist and detailed information can be found at www.carcontrol.cz.

Popular add-ons to the O2 Car Control service

Mobileye Monitor

Mobileye Monitor
Try out a system, which helps drivers to prevent a collision using visual and sound alerts. You will decrease the accident rate, you will save operating costs and damage costs in case of an accident.

More at mobileye.sherlogtrace.cz

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Detailed information about the O2 Car Control service

How the system works

The O2 Car Control service is very simple, you just need to install the needed device into company vehicles and activate the service. The actual app that displays the requested data is available online on any computer or PDA at www.carcontrol.cz.

System maintenance

You carry out the entire system administration on your own. You can set up everything based on your needs. Once you activate the service, your account (Master Account) is created and all your units (vehicles) that have been installed are moved into it.

You can find more information about how O2 Car Control works at www.carcontrol.cz


Depending on the chosen option you can fully use the O2 Car Control service without a substantial price increase even for vehicles moving all around Europe.

O2 Car Control Abroad ensures transparent functioning of the service and the extended option to monitor your vehicles abroad.

Offered options satisfy both customers, whose vehicles are abroad only exceptionally, as well as customers with high demands to monitor vehicles regardless of the state borders. All this comes for regular fees of data or text message transfers, without monthly or activation fees.

You can get detailed information about operating the O2 Car Control Abroad service at www.carcontrol.cz.

Solutions based on lines of work

O2 Car Control to monitor concrete mixer trucks

Monitoring concrete mixer trucks – automatic evaluation and control of drop off points.

We have developed a solution for specialized road transport (e.g. concrete mixer trucks). Monitoring and automatic evaluation of deviations from the destination, where the cargo is supposed to be offloaded, prevents loses of material, which based on its character, cannot be checked to make sure that it didn’t go missing on the journey. 

O2 Car Control for animal transport

Monitoring animal transport – remote control and logging of the journey including conditions in the transport space.

We have developed solutions to transport animals and other material (e.g. food), where it is necessary to monitor the location of the vehicle as well as temperature inside and eventual opening of the transport space. It meets all the requirement of EU regulation no. 1/2005, which needs to be adhered to as of January 1, 2007. 

O2 Car Control for vehicles of technical services

Monitoring the car fleet of technical services – checking and logging of activities of special maintenance vehicles (gritters, sprinkler trucks, cleaning and refuse vehicles).

We have developed a solution especially for vehicles of technical services, road maintenance, etc., where it is necessary to monitor their activity at designated locations or routes and at certain times. In general, it is useful when you need to:

  • monitor if maintenance already took place at designated roads
  • evaluate the extent and quality of maintenance services
  • monitor current position and activity of maintenance vehicles from a dispatch office and manage them operatively 

Detailed information about specific uses can be found at www.carcontrol.cz


If you are interested in the service, contact our business representative or a Key Customer Care Center specialist.

Current O2 customers

Companies that do not use O2 services

  • 800 33 00 55 (from 9am to 7pm)
O2 Car Control with a General Agreement

If you have signed a General Agreement, you can order O2 Car Control in this way:

  • Use a Company Phone to order a mobile, basic, or extended unit and corresponding tariff (Basic, Standard, Premium).
  • Only certified center can install the units, the installation is compulsory and it cannot be separated. This does not apply to a mobile unit).  
O2 Car Control to try out

You can try the O2 Car Control service for fee. You can borrow it for up to 5 weeks. Simply contact your business representative, who will sort out the trial period with you.

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