DNS Security for company mobile phones

O2 Security protects your company against malware pages, spam and misuse of mobile phones.

Lightning-fast deployment

You don´t need to change your SIM cards or install any application. Simply activate the service in application Moje O2. It works on Apple and on Android phones as well.

Protection against misuse

Thanks to this service your company phones and tablets will not become a part of botnet – a large group of enslaved devices

Inappropriate content blocking

O2 Security makes it possible to block individual web pages and pages according to content, even for individual devices in your company.

Continuous monitoring

Keep an overview of threats and their categorisation. Option of sending notifications by text or email.

Not decreasing performance

No delay in downloading web pages or any operations. Unlike regular antivirus it therefore does not decrease the performance of your phone.

O2 Security DNS brings you comprehensive safety

Company mobiles always safe

Company mobiles always safe

Whilst your employees are surfing their phones, O2 Security controls dangerous websites. If they get to a harmful address, the service warns them and stops them. Database of threats and infected pages is being updated online in real time.

Transparent monitoring

Transparent monitoring

Thanks to our monitoring software, it is easier for you to check the risks threatening your employees’ devices. At the same time, you can block access to various contents for various people and therefore make sure that the running of your company is even more secure.

Detailed information about O2 Security

What is the difference between a DNS server and an O2 Security DNS Server?

Ordinary DNS eng O2 Security DNS server eng

A regular DNS server only receives URL requirements and transfers them to IP addresses without interfering or checking the site’s security. O2 Security DNS server not only transfers but it also checks if the site does not represent a danger. Everything takes place with an unmeasurable difference in speed.

How quickly can you activate the service (Time to Deploy)?

In a standard situation the service activation takes only a few minutes.

The service is activated in the network, nothing is installed on the end-devices. Once it is ordered, mobiles with the services need to be transferred to a DNS with a protective layer – we carry out this activation and forwarding automatically on our side. However, the phone needs to be turned on and off for activation (or you can turn on and off flight mode) and to make sure that the correct DNS is assigned.

How do you know which site is dangerous?

Our service uses the Threat Intelligence database of a third-party provider. The database collects information from several international companies dealing with cybersecurity. Based on their own unique know-how the provider classifies the pages based on categories and levels of danger. It marks the most dangerous ones and determines them for blocking.

Around 60 thousand pages are added to the database or modified every hour. There is around 2.5 million of them in the database but the number is everchanging.

How do you deal with GDPR and for how long to you store the collected data?

O2 Czech Republic strictly follows the newest national and European regulations for data protection (GDPR). The O2 Security service has already been prepared with regards to these regulations. In accordance with regular regulations we store data for 6 months and then it is irretrievably deleted.

We have MDM on our phones. Are these services compatible?

Yes, it is actually a desirable combination. The O2 Security DNS service suitably complements the MDM service.

We have Antivirus (AV) installed on our phones. Is your service compatible with this solution? What extra will the service bring in comparison to AV?

The service is compatible with any antivirus software simply by not being locally installed on the device. In comparison to AV you gain updating speed in real time, blocking of malware pages (AV solves it as late as downloading files with contents) as well as phishing. AV does not discover phishing threat at all as it is not caused by harmful software.

Therefore, we recommend the O2 Security service for higher security even in connection with an antivirus solution.

As a company we use our own private DNS and we also have a private APN directed to this DNS. Is this service compatible?

In case of directing to a different DNS (e.g. O2 DNS) the service cannot fundamentally work. It means that it is not compatible for you. We therefore recommend an MDM solution for your protection.

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