Ozvi se

You’ll catch every single word. Now you can really say everything you want, even if your credit is low. Simply use the Ozvi se (Call Me) service and the person you want to speak with will call you back.

Main benefits

  • stay in contact with those close to you, even after you run out of credit
  • the person you are calling pays
  • sending a callback request is free
  • request can be sent to all mobile networks


If you don't have enough credit to call or text:

  • send the code *144*XXXXXXXXX# like you're making a normal call
  • the person you are contacting  then gets the following message (in both Czech and English): "Zavolejte zpět odesílateli této zprávy, chce volat, ale má nízký kredit. O2 / The sender of this SMS does not have enough credit and requests you call him back. O2"

XXXXXXXXX is the nine-digit phone number of the receiving party in any Czech mobile network.

The service can be used up to ten times per month. The service cannot be used if the receiving party is abroad.

Stay charged

If your credit is low and you plan to make more than one call, you can have friends and family recharge your credit. Simply use the free Dobij mi (Recharge Me) service.

More information

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