O2 Internet Pro

Surf at extreme speeds of up to 16 Mb/s with internet from O2. With faster data delivery, you'll never have to wait long when uploading. Plus, you can choose from a wide range of Bonus and Add-on Services that are either included in the price of O2 Internet Pro or can be ordered at a fraction of their original prices.

This service is no longer available. Information on this page is for customers who ordered the service before its termination.

Get a fast and reliable internet connection for your home. With no data transfer limits you can share loads of photos with your friends or send email with large attachments. In addition, you get a choice of other services for a fraction of their original prices, or that are included in the price of O2 Internet Pro. The services you use are entirely up to you..

Basic info about O2 Internet Pro

Add what you want to O2 Internet Pro

Choose the services you want the most. Some of them are included with O2 Internet, while you can get others at a substantial discount.

Bonus Services

These services are fully included in the price of O2 Internet:

  • O2 SIM to SIM (O2 Navzájem) - Enjoy free, unlimited calling between two O2 mobile numbers at any time.

Add-on Services

With O2 Internet, your family can enjoy additional services at a fraction of their original prices.

  • O2 Mobile Internet (O2 Mobilní Internet) - Stay online when you're on the road for just CZK 150 per month.
  • O2 Calling (O2 Volání) - Favorably-priced domestic and international calling from your home.
  • O2 NEON - Get a discount with any O2 NEON tariff.

Discounted prices for Add-on Services are available to new and current customers.

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