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Use the bill guide to get an explanation of all items in the bill.

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Online billing

On our self-care website, My O2, you can find all your bills for O2 services in one place. Activate electronic billing at My O2.

With electronic billing you get:

  • free detailed list of calls
  • overview of all bills with due dates
  • invoices sent to your email

TIP: You will automatically get a free detailed call-list with your bill at My O2.

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Find out how to make a claim about your bill, service or purchased goods. More

Frequently asked questions

What are Payment Transactions and why are they listed separately on the bill?

O2 mediates third party services (who provide these services) through Payment Transactions. The Payment Transactions entry on your bill includes payments for calls to so called audio-text lines, or for sending Premium SMS or Donor SMS messages. More

What should I prepare if I need to call you with regards to my billing?

We recommend that you call our Customer Care Center at the line 800 02 02 02 from the phone number that your question concerns. For confirmation please prepare the bill that you have your question about. You can find your reference number on the bill; the number might be requested for identification purposes.

What should I do if I do not receive a bill?

Contact our Customer Care Center at the phone number 800 02 02 02 and ask for a duplicate of your billing. You can avoid problems with delivery of your paper bills in the future by choosing electronic billing when you complete your registration in My O2.

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