Find out how to make a claim about your bill, service or purchased goods

Billing claims

You can submit a claim about issues with your billing (e.g., if you are charged full price for a service you bought on special offer).

Before submitting a claim, please check our detailed billing guide and frequently asked questions about billing. You’ll find help on most common problems there.

Submitting a claim

  • call us toll-free 800 02 02 02
  • in writing at:
    O2 Czech Republic a.s., Reklamační oddělení, Za Brumlovkou 266/2, 140 22 Praha 4 - Michle
  • in person at an O2 Shop

Claim submission process

The period for submitting a claim is set in accordance with §64 of Law no. 127/2005 coll., about Electronic Communications as amended. The complaint needs to be submitted within two months from the delivery of the payment document at the latest. Otherwise, your right to submit a complaint expires.

In accordance with the law, by submitting the complaint you are not relieved of the obligation to cover the bill by its due date.

The law states that a claim must be processed within 1 month; in special cases (need to communicate with foreign providers), this period may be extended to 2 months.


Claims regarding devices

You can submit a claim about a device purchased at an O2 Shop, from our dealers, via O2 eShop, or delivered with a self-installing package.

Submitting a claim

Claim submission process

To start the claim submission process, you need to present a valid warranty for the device, a tax document, a delivery note, or a receipt.

The law states that the claim must be processed within 30 days.

Claims regarding services

You can submit a claim regarding the extent, quality, or price of a provided service. A claim regarding services is carried out in the same way, and it can be submitted via the same channels, as a claim regarding billing.

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