Transferring your service or
changing personal details

If you wish to transfer (re-register) your service to someone else, or change your personal details, you can do it in minutes at an O2 Shop. If you just need to change small details in your registration (for instance, you get married and your name changes) you can just call us.

Transferring your service

If you want to transfer (re-register) your fixed line services (Home Internet, Calling from Home, O2 TV) or mobile services (mobile tariff, mobile internet) to another person, both of you should visit an O2 Shop together, taking the relevant documents. Or, you can transfer fixed line services by filling out a form

What documents will I need?

Changing your personal details

If you have fixed-line services (Home internet, home calling, O2 TV) or mobile services (mobile tariff, mobile internet) and want to change your personal details, you’ll need some data from your O2 invoice. Please use an invoice you received within the last three months.

How to change your personal details

  • Call Customer Care at 800 02 02 02. Be sure to call from the number you’re inquiring about
  • Go to an O2 Shop

What documents will I need?

If you are calling about a company phone number, please get in touch with your company contact person, who is responsible for all changes and requests.

Detailed information

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