Operator verification (application)

  • Enter the phone number
  • Select the date; the application will tell you to which network this phone number belonged on that day (up to two months in the past)
  • Information will appear on this page informing you whether or not the number has been transferred to another network.

Ověření čísla

1. Before your call is connected

You can use the free info service before your call is connected. This service tells you if the phone number you're calling belongs to a network other than the network suggested by the number prefix. You will receive this information in cases when the dialed number has been ported from the O2 network to another network, or ported from another network to O2. You then have one second to terminate the call before you are charged.

  • The free info service is not automatically activated.
  • To activate it, send an SMS message containing the keywords HLASKA A to the phone number 999111.
  • To deactivate it, send an SMS message containing the keywords HLASKA D to the phone number 999111.
  • The activation SMS is charged according to your tariff.

2. Via SMS

Send an SMS containing the keywords CCCCCCCCC DD.MM.YYYY to the phone number 999333

  • C = the nine-digit phone number you are inquiring about
  • D = date
  • M = month
  • Y = year

Entering the date, month, and year is not mandatory. If you do not do so, the current date will be used.

Make sure to leave a space between the last digit of the phone number and the first digit of the date.

This SMS and the SMS we send you in reply is free of charge.

3. Automated voice system

Call *33 toll-free and follow the voice prompts.

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