Fixed IP

Get a fixed IP address. You'll keep your servers, download capacity, FTP and remote access, but get the advantages of a fixed IP.

Why get a fixed IP?

Public fixed IPv4 address

Fixed IP blocks Addresses available
for network devices
Monthly fee
Fixed IP address - CZK 210.00 (CZK 254.10 with VAT)
Fixed IP address 1 + 4 1 CZK 399.00 (CZK 482.80 with VAT)
Fixed IP address 1 + 8 5 CZK 699.00 (CZK 845.80 with VAT)
Fixed IP address 1 + 16 13 CZK 1299.00 (CZK 1571.80 with VAT)

You can only use one block of addresses. If you need more addresses than you have you can order a new, bigger block of IP addresses. Prices are without VAT (with VAT)

Public fixed IPv6 address

Public fixed IPv6/64 CZK 99.00 (CZK 118.80 with VAT)

Prices are without VAT (with VAT). If you get your fixed IPv6 address till 31st August 2012 we will charge you the special price CZK 1.00 (CZK 1.20 with VAT) as long as you keep the service. More about IPv6 (CZ only)

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