Overview of O2 TV channels

Seznam kanálů O2 TV

Tarif O2 TV:
Počet kanálů:
O2 TV Zlatá (749 Kč) 135 kanálů
(z toho 60 HD)
749 Kč
O2 TV Stříbrná (449 Kč) 102 kanálů
(z toho 49 HD)
449 Kč
O2 TV Bronzová (299 Kč) 64 kanálů
(z toho 30 HD)
299 Kč
Praha TV
Informations from Prague.
Public service television station that focuses on presenting key information and original programs.
Public service television station.
Prima HD
Channel full of series, movies for whole family.
Nova HD
Station broadcasts its own and foreign shows, series and also news.
O2 TV Info HD
News about O2 TV and movies in the O2 Video Library.
Legendary series and cool movies.
Slovakia public service television station.
TV Barrandov HD
A full-format TV station offering an alternative to current commercial TV stations.
Nova Cinema HD
The channel from the Nova family offers movies and series.
News, commentaries, and events from the Czech Republic and around the world.
TV Noe
Christian non-commercial television for the whole family.
JOJ Family HD
Exclusive Czech-Slovak shows.
Romantic films and series.
Documentary channel full of interesting facts from space, nature, wars, history.
Prima MAX HD
Television station that presents series, films, variety shows, and more for the entire family.
Paramount Network
Home of quality entertainment. Comedy Club, comedies and legendary series.
Prima Krimi HD
Channel focused on crime and detective movies and serials.
Nova Action HD
The channel targets male audiences. It broadcasts action, crime movies and series as well as sports.
Nova 2 HD
Channel full of laughter and fun for the whole family, which broadcasts series and sitcoms.
Nova Gold HD
Nova Gold brings viewers the very best of Nova TV entertainment production.
Private Slovak news television station.
Óčko HD
Interviews with musicians and music videos from the top of the charts.
Óčko Star
The biggest hits from the 80's to the present.
Šlágr TV
Folk music and brass band.
Family TV channel with series, soap operas, teleshopping and own shows.
Rock music channel.
Mňam TV
Czech TV station that focuses on cooking and lifestyle.
ČT :D / ČT Art HD
During the day children's television, which in the evening turns into a channel for art lovers.
Kino Barrandov
The channel focuses on foreign movies and series.
Barrandov Krimi
The program is based on own shows and foreign crime series.
Televize Seznam HD
Current news and journalism. Also broadcasts Stream.cz series.
Live strem from Vaclav Havel Airport Prague.
Regional mutation of ČT1 with news from South Moravia.
Regional mutation of ČT1 with news from North Moravia.
O2 TV Sport HD
Champions League, Czech football and hockey league and much more.
Eurosport 1 HD
Sports in Europe and around the world. Athletics, cycling, golf, skiing, box and more.
Sport2 HD
Offers live broadcasts from Formula 1, KHL.
Nova Sport 1 HD
Live broadcasts and recordings of the NHL, ATP, European Leagues and other events
Motorsports and cars.
The American television station focuses on famous Hollywood movies.
Filmbox HD
Czech, Slovak, and European film classics with excellent dubbing.
The channel for horror, mystery and fantasy fans.
TV where kids come first! Nickelodeon is a kids entertainment channel.
Disney Channel
Animated and animatronics programs for children and adults.
Czech and foreign animated stories for children and adults.
New and classic cartoons.
National Geographic HD
Documentaries, revolutionary discoveries and gripping stories
Discovery Channel HD
An educational channel about science, technology, inventions, history, and nature.
Spektrum HD
Travelogues and documentaries about nature, history, science, technology and lifestyle.
Fashion TV
Local and abroad fashion shows, fashion weeks, lifestyle.
TV Paprika
Hungarian culinary station for gourmets.
TLC offers lifestyle and human interest stories about family, food, entertainment and real life.
MTV Europe
The Czech version of the world’s most popular music television network.
BBC World News
British news, commentaries, and summaries of world events.
American news channel that presents news and commentaries.
CNN Prima News HD
Czech news channel
France 24
Nnews channel offers a new perspective on world events through a French lens.
France 24 ENG
French news channel that broadcasts in English.
CH1 Russia
News from Russia and the world. Plus movies, documentaries, talk shows, entertainment.
Global network broadcasting business and financial news.
Al Jazeera
The Arabic news channel which broadcasts in English.
Deutsche Welle
News, off-beat stories and analysis of German and international affairs.
ČT sport HD
Top sports live broadcasts and shows in HD quality.
O2 Fotbal HD
Champions league, FORTUNA:LIGA and more.
O2 TV Tenis HD
Tennis and more.
Premier Sport HD
Premier League, Championship, scottish Premiership, american NFL.
Eurosport 2 HD
Bundesliga, but also action sports such as snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing.
Sport2 HD
A sister station of Sport1 channel. Broadcasts from football, hockey, handball, boxing, poker.
Sport 3
Additional channel for Sport 1 and Sport 2.
Nova Sport 2 HD
NBA, darts tournaments and rugby and more.
Golf Channel HD
Television channel dedicated exclusively to golf.
Auto Motor Sport HD
News from automotive world and sport.
CS Film
Czech and Slovak movies.
Filmbox Premium HD
Festival Movies and Hollywood hits.
Filmbox Extra HD
The best of the production of leading film studios and independent distributors.
Filmbox Stars
A premium film channel that presents blockbusters before regular TV stations get to present them.
Filmbox Family
Cartoons, comedies and series for whole family.
Epic Drama HD
High-budget historical series.
Film Europe HD
European movies and all genres and styles of European cinema.
JOJ Cinema
Movies 24 hours a day. Exclusive Czech-Slovak premieres. Uninterrupted movies.
Film+ HD
Movies, series and mini series from Czech and foreign productions.
Destination of real dram where the mystery, trill and passion will make your hart race.
Children's television full of animated series.
Nick Junior
The ideal TV program for developing, learning and learning through play.
Famous and popular fairy tales for kids.
Cartoon Network HD
Enter a world of famous cartoon characters and animated heroes.
For the smallest viewers. The programs develop the cognitive abilities of toddlers.
Music channel for kids. They playfully discover the world, alphabet, numbers.
Nat Geo Wild HD
Top-quality documentaries that will introduce you to jungle life like nothing else.
Viasat Explorer HD
Documentaries about travelling, nature, technology and sports.
Viasat History HD
An interesting view of history, featuring true stories about legendary people.
Channel focused on programming about cars
Animal Planet HD
Dramatic stories of predators and pets for the whole family.
Fishing & Hunting
Television channel about hunting and fishing, nature and adventures
Spektrum Home
New ideas and information for your home and the time you spend at home.
Food Network
Celebration of quality food and hedonism. Find the best recipe ideas.
The greatest hits from the 70s until today.
Óčko Expres
The best of the progressive world music scene.
Classical music, jazz and world music.
Retro Music TV
Czech music channel playing global hits from the sixties to the end of the last century.
Playboy TV
Soft erotic television channel.
Ginx TV HD
Channel about eSports.
World-famous blockbusters, series and shows from our own production.
Program for the whole family. Comedy, animated movies and series.
Popular series from the HBO production .
Cinemax HD
Movies from top studios and independent distributors.
Cinemax 2 HD
Art program, movies from independent studios and festival films.
Film Europe+ HD
A popular cinephile channel that broadcasts film treasures across Europe.
TV1000 Russkoe Kino
Russian film station.
Documentaries and popular American series.
Viasat Nature HD
The channel has a focus on animals and their owners, classic wildlife, animal rescue.
Discovery Science
Channel about science, technology, inventions, history and nature.
Programs devoted to history, conflicts, crimes, technologies, ancient history.
Russian entertainment channel.
MTV 80´s
The best from the charts from the past - top songs of the 80s.
Club MTV
The home of current & classic dance music on TV. Feel good party music by day, a darker clubbier feel by night.
MTV 90´s
The best from 90th
C Music TV
The world’s finest classical, crossover, cinematic and chillout music-videos.
Mezzo Live HD
Classical music, opera, ballet, jazz and world music.
Hustler TV
Entertainment for adults, uncensored and uncut.
Vivid TV Europe
Erotic movies.
Leo TV
Czech erotic television channel. Hot Czech and Slovak girls.
Dorcel TV
Hardcore pornography, erotic series and magazines.
PornHub TV HD
Famous pornstars on your TV.
Hardcore adult movies.
Romance and soft erotic especially for ladies.
Adult channel for gays.
Most popular German television station.
The second channel of most popular German television station.
TVP Polonia
TVP Polonia is targeted at Polish-speaking audiences outside Poland.
Televisión Española is the national state-owned public-service television.
Rai 1 is the flagship television channel of Rai
Public Slovak television station.
Public Slovak television station for seniors.
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