1O2 Smart Box

The elegant O2 Smart Box is a combination of the most efficient modem on the market and the heart of a smart household. You can connect your household security, alarm detectors and smart plugs to it.

Technical specifications of the device

o2SmartBox vizual
  • Silný Wi-Fi signál Smart Wi-Fi
  • MeteostaniceWeather station
  • Snadná instalaceEasy installation
  • Mobilní aplikaceMobile app
  • Zabezpečení domovaHome security
  • Ovládání na dálkuRemote control

2Sensors and accessories

You can set up your smart household very easily. There is no need to worry about structural modifications or construction of new cabling. Individual smart household items are connected to the Smart Box wirelessly via a mobile app. The sensor is powered by a battery, which usually lasts for about two years of operation.

Senzor na dveře / okno Senzor na dveře / okno

Door / window sensor

Detektor kouře Detektor kouře

Smoke detector

Chytrá zásuvka Chytrá zásuvka Chytrá zásuvka Chytrá zásuvka Chytrá zásuvka

Smart plug

Motion detector

Motion detector

Flood detector

Flood detector

Smart radiator thermostat

Smart radiator thermostat

O2 Smart Booster

O2 Smart Booster

3O2 Smart Box Services



Sensors protect your home from uninvited visitors. If there is a break-in, a warning message is immediately sent to your mobile phone.

Požární hlášení

Risk notification

A smoke detector notifies you not only of smoke but it also measures the temperature in your flat. All this information is sent directly to your mobile. The sensor includes a light and sound alarm.



Connect your household appliances to a smart plug and you can control them via a mobile phone from anywhere.

Using this service you can connect an unlimited number of sensors.

4Mobile application

The O2 Smart Box and the entire smart household are controlled via an intuitive mobile application that can be downloaded for free. You can thus turn off and turn on devices, set up a Wi-Fi network or door sensors from a distance. The O2 Smart Box application is available for iOS (10.0 and higher) and Android (4.4 and higher) devices.
Download the app from O2 Knihovna

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