Discover the internet that can do more

    The most commonly used fixed line internet in the Czech Republic

    • reliable connection without outages and speed variations
    • advantageous combinations of services for the entire family
    • 24/7 support via the phone, online and in our shops
    • no data limits – no data transfer restrictions
    • wireless connection for all home devices
    • tested network and devices so that your data is safe
    up to 20 Mbps499 CZK a month Order
    up to 40 Mbps549 CZK a month Order
    Internet + O2 TV

    You get everything as with up to 20 Mb/s internet and something on top:

    • digital TV with more than 100 channels
    • only with O2 TV: Timeshift up to 50 hours
    • thanks to O2 TV App even on your computer, tablet or mobile
    up to 20 Mbps798 CZK a month Order
    up to 40 Mbps848 CZK a month Order
    Prices include VAT
    Installation package CZK 210, WiFi modem CZK 84 monthly
    Speed up your Internet
    Speed up your Internet

    To accelerate your Internet just go to web self-care My O2 and upgrade to a higher tariff or switch from ADSL to VDSL technology.

    Internet speed-up

    Don’t keep this to yourselves