O2.cz CERT – security on the Internet


What is O2.cz CERT

O2.cz CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) was founded in O2 Czech Republic a.s., so that it helps customers solve security incidents on the Internet.

It deals with incidents threatening the availability or confidence of services on the Internet. In order to deal with security incidents efficiently and to prepare effective preventive measures O2.cz CERT cooperates with CERT and CSIRT teams of other companies and Internet providers.


Field of activity

The field of activity of the O2.cz CERT team are autonomous registered companies of O2 Czech Republic a.s.:

  • AS5610 – O2.cz networks
  • AS20884 – O2.cz networks
  • AS28725 – Eurotel networks
  • AS51154 – InternetHome networks


To report security incidents you can contact O2.cz CERT at abuse@o2.cz