Call without any limits to mobiles and fixed lines

A fixed line with unlimited calls to all networks in the Czech Republic and international calls.  

Calls in the Czech Republic

CZE Calling

Unlimited calls to fixed and mobile lines in the Czech Republic

299 CZK/month
Calls in the Czech Republic and international calls

CZE Plus Calling

Unlimited calls to fixed and mobile lines in the Czech Republic

1000 minutes for international calls

549 CZK/month

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Make unlimited calls to mobile and fixed-line numbers of all the operators

Enjoy unlimited calls to mobile and fixed-line numbers of all the operators in the Czech Republic.
With the Volání ČR Plus tariff you get additional 1,000 free minutes for international calls.
Call your dear ones in Slovakia, Germany or even as far as the United States.

Detailed information about Calls from home

International calls from a fixed line
Zone 1
Slovakia and European countries
Zone 2
The rest of Europe and some world countries
Zone 3
Other countries
Satellite networks 199

Check out detailed sorting of countries into zones

Na příjmu Tariff

This tariff is mainly suitable for receiving of calls. You can use it to make calls only to the following selected types of phone numbers:

  • shortened phone numbers (e.g. line 1188)
  • numbers starting with 600 and 700
  • green lines and lines starting with 820-829, 701, 970, 977
  • numbers of non-public phone networks (starting with 980, 983, 9890-9899)
  • phone numbers of integrated rescue system units (150, 155, 158, 112)

If you use the Na příjmu tariff to call a different number than the permitted ones, we will transfer your number to a standard tariff with unlimited calls in the entire Czech Republic – Volání ČR – from the date you make this call.

Offered technologies

We can arrange your fixed line using two technologies – a classic connection (PSTN), or IP phone connection (VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol).

These technologies differ in the way they operate and therefore each of them is suitable for different use. The monthly fee for both technologies is the same. The choice of technologies depends on your needs.

Traditional connection

This connection method is used mainly if you want to use your fixed line as part of securing your home, connection of lifts or sending of faxes.

IP phone connection

This technology uses an internet connection to make calls. VoIP therefore offers very high-quality phone connection. It furthermore makes it possible to have more phone lines on one internet connection.

To be connected via VoIP, you need to get a different phone than with the traditional connection. These phones look like regular phones but they can do much more. When you get a VoIP fixed line, you can purchase or rent them from us.

Phones with a fixed line

You can choose a phone from the wide offer directly on our web or at an O2 Shop. You can also purchase them at both places.

If you are using or wish to use an Allowance for Handicapped People (ZTP), you can rent or purchase this special device. You can find more information about Allowances and subsidized devices at these websites (CZ only).

There is no commitment with the rental of the phone and you can cancel the rental at any time. You can then simply return the phone at an O2 Shop. We will charge you the rental fee until the moment you return the phone to us. You will receive the phone via Czech Post or it will be brought to you by a technician, who will come to install the service.

Transfer of a fixed line when you move

Are you moving? Take your O2 services with you

  • we will transfer your calls from home, internet, and O2 TV with your line
  • automatically and for free, within 14 days at the latest
  • without any worries about cancelling and reactivating your services

If our network has sufficient capacity at your new address, we will be happy to arrange a date of transferring your services for you. You should start sorting out the transfer well ahead of time, the entire process can take up to a few weeks. If you move within the same region, you get to keep your phone number. If you move to a different region, we will assign you a new number from the numbering plan for the given region.

How to request a line transfer

  • at one of our O2 Shops (make sure to bring your ID with you)
  • at Customer Care line 800 02 02 02 (have one of your last three billings ready)
How do tariffs for fixed lines apply to billing of calls?

All the tariffs for fixed line follow the 60+60 tariff rates. It means that each started minute of a call is billed.
All the prices can be found in the Complete pricelist (CZ only).

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