Strážce internetu

    Protect your children and your computer against threats from the internet

    • you´ll get control over your children’s activities on the internet
    • you can easily make sure that they are not subjected to unsuitable content
    • you protect your computer against viruses and hackers´ attacks,
      you get rid of spam

    Find out what endangers your children

    Parental control

    You can ban access to social networks and discussion forums More
    You can either ban access to entire categories of websites with unsuitable content or allow access to specific safe websites only More
    You can define time when your child can access the internet More

    Computer protection

    Strážce internetu (Internet Guard) is also a full antivirus program. It contains:

    • antivirus: protects your computer from attacks by computer viruses and worms
    • antispam: separates unrequested and requested mail
    • firewall: protects your computer from unauthorized access from the internet
    • and additional elements

    Updates are commonplace. They take place automatically and you do not need to worry about them. Your computer just needs to be connected to the internet.

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