SIM for sensors, meters, and smart devices

Control your heating, gate, alarm, irrigation system, and other smart devices at home or at your cottage from a distance.

More comfortable life
More comfortable life

Stop worrying about things, smart devices will work instead of you

Advantageous price
Advantageous price

Machine tariffs contain only the things your device really uses

Online control
Online control

Get it in our eShop and control it in the Web Self-Care My O2

No commitment
No commitment

In case your smart gate decides to stop being smart

Options that pay off the most

Machine 10 MB

Basic tariff without data + bundle of 10 MB of data

  • For smart devices that need a data connection
  • Garden irrigation
  • Gate control
56 CZK/month
The most valuable
Machine 100 MB

Basic tariff without data + bundle of 100 MB of dat

  • For the utmost usage of smart devices that need a larger volume of data
  • Control your alarm, cameras, lights, window blinds, and other smart devices
110 CZK/month
machine 120 SMS

Basic tariff without data + bundle of 120 text messages

  • For smart devices controlled via text messages
  • Heating control at home
  • House security check
69 CZK/month

If you do not use your smart devices very often


Basic tariff without data

  • For occasional use of smart devices that do not need data or use it minimally
  • Putting the heating on in your cottage prior to your arrival
  • Opening an entrance gate by ringing it
19 CZK/month
Calls for CZK 3.75/min to all networks. Text messages for CZK 1.94. 1 kB of data for CZK 0.04. You pay a one-off fee of CZK 99 for tariff activation. Other prices can be found in the PricelistIt is possible to transfer to the Machine tariff from an O2 prepaid card. Prices are with VAT.

What are the Machine tariffs suitable for

Control your heating

Control your heating

You can set up and control your heating from anywhere. 

  • It saves energy and makes it possible to have the right temperature always set up.
  • To control heating and air conditioning as well.
  • Ideal for use in your house, flat, company, or at your cottage.
Security alarms

Security alarms

Be constantly in charge of your household security.

  • It can be connected with a security camera.
  • If there is a break-in, it sends out a notification and a shot from the camera.
  • Wide use in your house, flat, company, garage, or at your cottage.
Solution for your house and garden

Solution for your house and garden

Control the detectors and sensors that you use at home or at work from anywhere.

  • An option to open many different devices.
  • Open the garage gate ringing it.
  • Control your garden irrigation system and your window blinds.
Solutions for smart devices

Solutions for smart devices

You can control devices in your household and out of it from a distance.

  • Use it for smart devices at home and at work.
  • Connect a printer – it will ask to have a toner replaced.
  • Control the lights and other devices.

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Detailed information about Machine tariffs

Text message bundles

You can use the bundle to receive status messages from your selected smart device (e.g. temperature in a wine cellar), or a notification of a non-standard situation (your dog leaves the garden).

How to activate a bundle of text messages

  • when you get a Machine tariff in an eShop or at an O2 Shop
  • at any time later in the Web Self-Care My O2
Number of SMS in the bundle Monthly fee
120 SMS CZK 50

Prices include VAT. You can also cancel the bundle of text messages in the Web Self-Care My O2 at any time. You can also cancel the bundle of text messages in the Web Self-Care My O2 at any time.

Data bundles

Buy additional data with your Machine tariff. You can use even more bundles at the same time and get the volume of data that you need. How to activate a bundle of text messages.

1 MB 18,15 CZK
2 MB 24,20 CZK
5 MB 30,25 CZK
10 MB 36,30 CZK
20 MB 42,35 CZK
50 MB 48,40 CZK
100 MB 90,75 CZK
500 MB 199,65 CZK

Prices include VAT. You can cancel the bundle of data in the Web Self-Care My O2 at any time.

Other options of O2 Machine

Voice services

If your device needs voice services (calls, ringing) to work, simply turn on the add-on service Allow Voice Services with O2 Machine. You can use it for example to ring a gate or a barrier or to make emergency calls from a stuck lift. It is not possible to use O2 Machine tariffs for different voice services than for communication between devices.

Dialed connection

O2 Machine tariffs support even dialed internet connection. Simply turn on the add-on service Dialed Data CSD.

Connection speed of O2 Machine tariffs

The speed with which your device sends/receives data depends on the speed available at your location and on the selected tariff. The chart below gives you an overview of maximum and minimal guaranteed speeds that we offer with O2 Machine.

Used technology type 

Estimated maximum speed

Minimal guaranteed speed

Data downloading

Data uploading


Data uploading

O2 Machine

O2 Machine Unlimited

O2 Machine

O2 Machine Unlimited

O2 Machine tariffs



0,2 Mb/s

200 kb/s

0,2 Mb/s

200 kb/s

16 kb/s

16 kb/s




384 kb/s

21 Mb/s

384 kb/s

16 kb/s

16 kb/s



150 Mb/s

384 kb/s

21 Mb/s

384 kb/s

16 kb/s

16 kb/s

LTE advanced

300 Mb/s

384 kb/s

21 Mb/s

384 kb/s

16 kb/s

16 kb/s

Detailed terms and conditions

Tariffs and bundles can be used only in the Czech Republic in M2M devices using the UMTS, EDGE, GPRS, HSDPA, HSUPA technologies on Internet, Oneport, Cma, Telemetry, Telemetry 1, or Individual APN access points (APN).

O2 Machine data tariffs are intended only for communication between devices. If a SIM card is used in a phone, tablet, etc. it is an infringement of the terms and conditions of the service and O2 Machine will be transferred to corresponding voice tariff.

Add on bundles of text messages and data can be activated only with the Machine tariffs. The bundles are renewed for each billing period until they are deactivated.

Unused text messages and data are not transferred to the next billing period.

Downloaded and uploaded data is included in the volume of data within the Machine tariff. Once the volume of data from the tariff is used, a fee of CZK 0.04 per kB applies to data used in the Czech Republic. The maximum billed amount for transfers billed in this way is CZK 3,630 for one billing period. The price of one text message is CZK 1.94. The price for one minute of an outgoing call is CZK 3.75. Prices are with VAT. The unused volume of data is not transferred to the next billing period.

If an O2 Machine tariff, or an add-on bundle is activated or cancelled during the month, the fee is billed in a proportionate amount, and the free units are assigned in the same way.

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