O2 NEON Basic L

(O2 NEON L - detailed information about the service.)

If you don't want to sign a two-year contract, or if you want a subsidized phone with your tariff, we offer you O2 NEON Basic L.

Unlimited free calling

  • to one O2 number of your choice
  • all weekend and during off-peak hours

You have the choice of enjoying all the benefits of O2 NEON L, or getting the tariff without a contract or with a subsidized phone.

Try the O2 NEON L tariff

Order O2 NEON L tariff and enjoy all its advantages for up two months without having to make a commitment. If the tariff does not suit your needs, you can simply change or cancel it.

How to try the tariff

You can use O2 NEON L tariff for two months to see if it is the right one for you. If you find the tariff unsuitable during the first two months, you can cancel it without any penalties, or you can switch to a different tariff. No matter what, for those two months you get all the benefits that you would get with a two-year commitment.