FREE+ Gold tariff

60 GB

Unlimited calls and text messages

EU roaming in the price
O2 Security for a month for free
O2 Security protects your phone against fraudulent and virus-infected websites.
CZK 50 per month for O2 Library
300 minutes for calls abroad
1,249 CZK

A tariff for demanding customers who make international calls and need a large volume of data. 

Detailed information
Calls in the Czech Republic and in the EU zone unlimited
Text messages in the Czech Republic and in the EU zone unlimited
MMS CZK 5,60
MMS in roaming and in the EU zone CZK 6,50
Data volume 60 GB (including 35 GB in the EU zone)
Renewal of data once the volume of data has been used up 2 GB / CZK 249
Monthly fee CZK 1 249

The tariff can be activated for an advantageous price with a commitment for 24 months. If the tariff is activated without the advantageous price for a twenty-four-month commitment, the monthly fee is higher by CZK 150.

Transfer of unused data 

Basic volume of data – if you do not use up the basic volume of data that is available to you every month, this unused data is not transferred to the next month. This applies also to a regular monthly data package that you can use to increase the basic volume of data in your tariff. 

Purchased data – once you use up the monthly volume of data from the tariff, you can purchase additional data. If you do not use up this data before the end of the billing period, we will transfer it to the month for you. 

Additional information about the tariff

If the tariff is changed, all add-on services are automatically cancelled. After the change of the tariff, you need to re-activate those that you wish to have active

How to simply transfer to O2

Say goodbye to disadvantageous conditions of our competition. You can transfer to O2 simply and quickly in 3 simple steps:

  1. Submit a cancellation – Call your current operator and submit a cancellation of their services. You will receive a 14-digit number (so called ČVOP – cancellation number of the provider who is being left), which is valid for 60 days.
  2. Tariff selection – Choose a mobile tariff, that suits you the most. We will be happy to help you with your choice at an O2 Shop or at a customer care line 800 02 02 02.
  3. Handing over your ČVOP – Hand over your ČVOP number, you can do so at an O2 Shop, at a customer care line 02 02 02 or directly here at a prepared form:
  4. Enter ČVOP

If you are no longer tied to your operator (e.g. by notice period), we will transfer your number in 4 business days.

Leaving the operator is easier now

Do you have a disadvantageous contract with a commitment with our competitor? Cancelling such a contract is easier than ever since February 2014. You no longer need to pay the entire amount for all the remaining months, you will only pay 1/5 of minimum monthly commitment. And hurray to O2.

Simply leave us your contact details

We will call and arrange all the details with you. In English.
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