Call any day without any limits

To all networks for CZK 20 per day
Get Prepaid Card Recharging credit

Without any limits to all CZ networks


You only pay for those days, when you use the prepaid card Předpladenka


Just for CZK 20 / day


PředplaDENka with credit of CZK 200 + extra CZK 100
PředplaDENka with credit of CZK 200 + extra CZK 100

Free delivery. Now you get extra CZK 100 to the first credit recharging

Order for CZK 200

Activate PředplaDENka

Do you have a prepaid card from O2? Turn it into a PředplaDENka


Activate in My O2

Bundle of 500 MB of mobile internet data

Get connected to the fastest 4G LTE internet

CZK 150 / 500 MB

Activate in My O2


With this tariff you get unlimited calls and text messages to all networks including internet for messages and chatting

CZK 25 / day

Activate in My O2

Recharge easily with your choice of options

Find a quick and convenient way to recharge your credit.

We appreciate your loyalty. You can, for example; get extra credit, free calls, a notebook, mobile phone and other valuable rewards. Choose your reward

Calls from the morning until midnight

You can enjoy unlimited calls whenever you need it. After you make the first call you can make calls until midnight without any limits and to all networks, even to fixed lines. For just CZK 20 a day. With the tariff for CZK 25 a day you also get unlimited text messages to all networks.

You only pay for those days, when you use the prepaid card Předpladenka

Using prepaid card Předpladena you have your credit under control. You do not pay anything at all for those days, when you do not make calls and do not use the internet.

Internet suitable for messages and chat

Both Předpladenka tariffs include internet suitable for chatting via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, and other applications. It gets turned on together with unlimited calls. And if just writing is not enough, you can buy a 500 MB bundle of the fastest internet for CZK 150.

Get account information

Current credit amount, recharge history and a list of all calls are readily available to you. Your account info is always available via My O2. You can administer your account from your computer or using a practical application for mobile phones.. You can also easily find out your credit status by dialing *104*# form your phone or calling *11.

Enjoy exceptional discounts

O2 customers can enjoy special offers just for them via the Extra vyhody program. Get exceptional discounts, free gifts and other promotions from selected partners.

More information

Detailed information about O2 prepaid card

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