Manual WiFi connection settings


You need to choose your modem settings, including manual launch and security, online. So you’ll need to connect your computer via a network cable before you can connect to WiFi.

To choose your modem settings go to

[Screen 1]

A login window will appear. To log in you need to know your username and password. If you have not changed your username and password, they will both be “admin.

[Screen 2]

When you log in, choose Wireless and then Basic in the left-hand menu.

[Screen 3]

A page with your WiFi network configuration will appear on the right side. Tick Enable Wireless on the first line. Delete the word “Internet” on the sixth SSID line and write your network name there. You can choose any name you like but don’t use spaces and diacritics. This name will later be the one you find on your computer to get online. Leave other options the way they are, and save the changes by clicking Apply/Save. The page will be updated within a few seconds, and the settings will be saved.

[Screen 4]

Now set up security. Choose Security in the left-hand menu and the security configuration page will appear on the right-hand side. Choose WPA-PSK in the lower part of the window on the Network Authentication line. Write your password on the WPA/WAPI passphrase line. Your WiFi network will be protected by this password. You can use any password you like, but it needs to have at least eight characters and you cannot use spaces or diacritics.

If you want your WiFi network to remain unsecure, which means it can be accessed by anyone, choose the Open option on the Network Authentication line.

Leave other lines and fields the way they are. Save your settings by clicking on the Apply/Save button. The page will get updated within a few seconds and your settings will be saved.

[Screen 5]

If everything worked, the WLAN control light on your modem will light up. The WiFi network is now set up, so you can close your browser window, disconnect the network cable, and get connected to the internet using wireless.

Switch on the WiFi adapter on your computer  (a switch or a key that activates the WiFi signal reception) and look for available wireless networks in your vicinity (this procedure depends on the operating system of your computer). The network you have just created will appear. Select it and get connected. During connection the system will ask you to enter a network key (password). When you enter the password, the system will inform you that you are connected; your WiFi is now working.


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