4 × internet port settings


When your Zyxel modem is delivered it will have three Ethernet ports for internet and one for O2 TV. Changing your settings to 4 × internet will take you just a few minutes.

First go to the link

[Screen 1]

A login window will appear. To log in you need to know your username and password. If you have not changed them yet, your username will be “admin” and so will your password.

[Screen 2]

Next, choose Advanced Setup and then LAN Bundling in the left-hand menu.

[Screen 3]

A page with the configuration of your modem ports will appear on the right-hand side. Choose Only Internet on the third line, and save by clicking on Apply/Save.

[Screen 4]

Saving your changes will take just a few seconds. When the page is updated all the modem ports are set for internet use, so you can connect a computer to any of them.


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