Manual WiFi connection settings (recommended)


Complete modem settings including manual starting and securing of wireless network have to be done via web configuration. That´s why connecting your modem by cable is required before setting your WiFi.

Modem web configuration is accessible at

Logging into web configuration requires user name and password. If they haven´t been changed before, standard user name is „admin“, the password is also „admin“.

After logging in, choose Wireless LAN in the menu.

Here you can see your actual WiFi network configuration. If you wish to make any changes, click on Change 2.4G settings button.

First, choose On in the Status select box.

Beside the abbreviation SSID delete any content and write down the name of your network. You can come up with any name provided there is no space nor diacritics. Later you will search for this wireless network when connecting your computer.

Write down your Password to secure your wireless network. You can choose the password randomly, if it has at least 8 characters and no space nor diacritics. Now proceed to securing your network. Choose High in the Security select box.

If you wish to grant free access to your network choose None in the Security select box.

Save your changes by clicking the on Save 2.4G settings.


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