Your smart travel insurance has already been packed up

It is in every tariff, you just need to enable it.

Insurance that recognizes that you are abroad

Enable Smart Insurance in your phone and get reliable insurance every time you travel abroad.

Smart solution no matter where you go

You pay the same price all around the world
You pay the same price all around the world
It switches itself on when you travel abroad
It switches itself on when you travel abroad
You only pay for those days when you are abroad
You only pay for those days when you are abroad
Insurance of medical expenses and luggage

Insurance of medical expenses and luggage

  • Medical expenses insurance to up to 5 million CZK

  • Legal expenses insurance

  • Insurance of assistance services including calls to an assistance line from abroad

  • Injury assistance

  • Accidental damage insurance

  • Luggage insurance

For individuals or families

For individuals or families

Every non-corporate O2 customer under the age of 70 (and over the age of 16) with a monthly-fee tariff from O2 can switch the insurance on.

Using one monthly-fee tariff you can insure other members of your family too – partner under the age of 70 and children under the age of 18.

Smart billing

You are charged insurance fees only for those days when you are really abroad. The daily insurance fee depends on your roaming tariff.

FOR ONE 39 CZK/day

Simply leave us your contact details

We will call and arrange all the details with you. In English.
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Zavoláme vám We will call you within the next 24 business hours.
How to travel with insurance

Before you leave

Before your first journey abroad you need to activate the travel insurance in our Web Self-Care My O2, at an O2 Shop, or at a phone line 800 02 02 02. Please bear in mind that you can only switch on the insurance when you are in the Czech Republic, when you are abroad, it is no longer possible.

If you already have your insurance, print out your assistance card prior to your journey. Simply print it out and fill it in.

If something goes wrong

If there is an insurance event, you can contact the assistance service line, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at the phone number +420 272 101 036. They will direct you to the closest contract health facility, they will advise you on dealing with an accident or get you a legal advice.

Costs of calling the assistance service when you are abroad connected with the insurance event are also covered by your insurance. Simply submit the O2 Billing where the costs connected with contacting the assistance service are shown and the insurance company will pay it together with your insurance payment.

If possible get photo documentation of your insurance event and get witness accounts of other people too. 

An overview of insurance settlement limits
Medical cost insurance (MCI)  
The overall limit CZK 5,000,000
- repatriation and transports real costs up to the MCI limit
- return to your place of abode in case of limited mobility caused by an insurance event real costs up to the MCI limit
- teeth CZK 11,000
- insurance of mountain rangers' intervention in case of an insurance event real costs up to the MCI limit
- transport of an accompanying person real costs up to the MCI limit
- accommodation of an accompanying person € 150/night; maximum of 10 nights
Assistance services insurance  
Touristic and medical information yes
Phone help in need yes
Interpreting and translations yes
Legal protection insurance CZK 20,000
Compensation for phone communication costs for calls from abroad to the assistance service line connected with dealing with the insurance event yes
Accidental injury insurance  
Death by an injury CZK 250,000
Permanent damages by an injury CZK 500,000
Liability insurance  
Damage liability insurance - health CZK 1,000,000
Damage liability insurance - things CZK 500,000
Contribution in case of damages above CZK 5,000 no contribution
Contribution in case of damages to CZK 5,000 100 %
Luggage insurance  
Luggage insurance - the overall limit CZK 20,000
Luggage insurance - limit per item CZK 10,000
Loss of personal IDs CZK 4,000
Electronics, sports equipment - the overall limit CZK 10,000

Other terms and conditions of the insurance can be found in General insurance terms and conditions.

Insurance terms and conditions and other documents

The insurer is the insurance company Maxima in cooperation with the AXA ASSISTANCE CZ assistance service; the insured is O2 Czech Republic.

Practical information that will be useful concerning your insurance can be found in this brochure. When activating the insurance, an assistance card will come in handy too.

Detailed information for those interested in the Smart Travel Insurance can be found in this document. All terms and conditions can be found in General insurance terms and conditions.

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