Get internet for your country house

Wireless Internet with 30 GB of data for anything

Available at 99% of addresses
Internet OPTIMAL Air
Wireless Internet for home and your house in the country. 30 GB of data for anything.

Speed up to 20 Mb/s

Simple installation
Support 24/7
Extra benefits
249 CZK/month
Basic Wi-Fi modem CZK 49 per month or a premium Wi-Fi modem CZK 99 per month.
Activation CZK 99 in a one-off payment. All prices are with VAT and with a commitment for 24 months.

Connect all your devices

It does not matter if you have only one computer for your entire family at home or if every member of your family has their own tablet and a smart phone. 

You can comfortably connect up to 32 devices to the internet via Wi-Fi.

Connect all your devices

30 GB of data for anything

You have 30 GB of data available every month. It is more than enough for regular surfing, downloading, or making calls via the internet. Just like for 9 out of 10 households. Should this not suffice, you can use Home Internet.

30 GB of data for anything

Detailed information about Wireless Internet

Terms and conditions and prices

Regular monthly payments

Downloading up to 20 Mb/s
Uploading up to 2 Mb/s
Standard monthly fee CZK 499
Subsidized monthly fee with a DUO discount* CZK 249

*The DUO discount is automatically accounted for as part of the “Second internet for a family” offer. This discount can be used by customers who have the Home Internet service active and use one of the Internet HD tariffs.

One-off payments at setting-up

Setting up free
SIM card activation CZK 99

Payment for a connection modem

Basic modem TP-Link ARCHER MR 200 CZK 49 monthly or CZK 2,352 in a one-off payment
Premium modem ZyXEL LTE4506 CZK 99 monthly or CZK 4,752 in a one-off payment

Internet prices apply if a 24-month commitment is agreed on and they are guaranteed for the entire period the commitment lasts.

If you purchase your modem at an O2 Shop or via phone, you can pay for it in a one-off payment or in 48 monthly installments without a price increase. If you purchase your modem in an e-shop, you can only pay for it in a one-off payment.

If you have your own modem, you can order just a SIM card with a service. Nevertheless, we recommend using a modem from our offer. You can then be certain, that they will certainly work in our network.

All mentioned prices are with VAT

The Wireless Internet can only be used in the Czech Republic. It is not possible to activate roaming with this tariff and thus the SIM card will not work abroad.

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