O2 Business tariff

Call any time, peak or off-peak, for the same low rate

  • rates from CZK 0.99 per minute
  • the same low rate any time
  • CZK 3.99 per minute fixed rate to call a mobile

Voice mail for fixed line, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Small Conference, or Calling-Line Identification Presentation (CLIP) all for free. More

Per-minute rates

Local and long-distance calls 0.99 (1.20)
Calling mobile networks in the Czech Republic 3.99 (4.83)

Prices are in CZK per minute not including VAT (prices in parentheses include 21% VAT).

Monthly fees

Phone line   495 (598.95)
Phone line with O2 Internet service   264 (319.44)
EuroISDN2U digital line   595 (719.95)
EuroISDN2 or ISDN2plus digital line   695 (840.95)
2MBL phone line   4,999 (6,048.79)
ISDN30 digital line   5,999 (7,258.79)

Prices are in CZK not including VAT (prices in parentheses include 21% VAT).

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