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We will let you know when the number you have dialed is no longer busy

If the O2 mobile number you have dialed is busy, you do not have to keep redialing to get in touch with the person you are trying to reach. O2 Operator will inform you when the number you are calling is free; it will also ask you if you wish to connect to this number immediately.

How it works

  1. you call an O2 mobile number, but it is busy
  2. by pressing 5 on the keyboard you request notification of when this number is no longer engaged
  3. as soon as the person you are trying to call hangs up, your phone will ring and you will be informed that you can call them
  4. just wait a moment if you wish to be connected automatically

More information

All the O2 customers will have the service activated automatically.

Once it has been activated the service works for every mobile phone in O2 mobile network.

The service can be activated or deactivated by...

  • calling an operator
    - at Customer Care Center: dial 800 02 02 02
    - at Business Account Line: dial *52
    - at Corporate Account Line: dial *77
  • sending an SMS
    - to activate the service, send an SMS with the keyword SPOJ A (or SPOJ) to the phone number 999235
    - to deactivate the service, send an SMS with the keyword SPOJ D to the phone number 999235

Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions are meant to help our non-Czech customers understand the terms of service. Please refer to the Czech version of this page for the complete, legally binding terms and conditions.

The service is free of charge.

For the service to work, the service must be active on both the O2 number placing the cal and the O2 number receiving the call.

The receiving party must have the Transferring a call when the line is busy deactivated.

Customers can order the service for up to five calls at once.

An order remains active for a maximum of 45 minutes.

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