O2 eKasa is a simple solution for eTržby

All in one package

You just need to get connected. You can manage everything yourselves within a few minutes

Free thanks to payments by a card

O2 eKasa is not going to increase your monthly costs

Tried and tested by thousands of entrepreneurs

It is used for example in Croatia and Slovenia

Guaranteed by the Union of Accountants

The accounting and taxation side of things is 100% correct in the Czech Republic

ERT solution by O2 - Pricelist

If your customers pay by a card 100 thousand and more 50 – 100 thousand 0 – 50 thousand per month
Monthly Free CZK 250 CZK 499
Device price


(you get back the acquisition costs of CZK 4.995 as  a tax rebate)

Prices are without VAT. O2 eKasa is without any commitments and it is a part of a subsidized O2 PROfi offer for entrepreneurs.

You get all the devices with O2 eKasa for CZK 4.995 without VAT. You can then subtract the entire amount as an income tax rebate and your overall costs are CZK 0. And if the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic voids the Act, we will purchase the basic package back from you.

The service price includes the maintenance and backup of data, regular system update, nonstop support and service, and mobile internet connection. Besides until the Act about the register of takings comes into effect, O2 eKasa will be free for everyone. (As of December 1, 2016, for hotels and restaurants, as of March 1, 2017, for retail and wholesale businesses, as of March 1, 2018, for other trades.)

O2 eKasa is a simple solution for eTržby
O2 eKasa is a simple solution for eTržby
O2 eKasa is a simple solution for eTržby
O2 eKasa is a simple solution for eTržby
O2 eKasa is a simple solution for eTržby

Do you need help with ERT?
Ask our partner tax advisers

You get a special price - CZK 1500 for a consultation. And if you buy ERT solution by O2, you pay only CZK 500 for a consultation.

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