Smart machine tariffs

Your gate, fridge, or irrigation system may not have much to say, but there’s a lot they can do. Get a SIM card and tariff and don’t pay for unnecessary communications on your M2M solution.


Need more data & fewer SMS messages? Change your services as needed, once per month.

Low price

Machine tariffs include only services that your devices can use

Worry free

Buy online in our eShop, maintain your account and pay online in My O2

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Cancel any time - in case your smart device decides it would rather be dumb again.

Machine tariffs

Tariff Monthly fee
Machine (no data) CZK 16.00 without VAT
(CZK 19 with VAT)
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Machine Neomezený CZK 600.00 without VAT
(CZK 720 with VAT)
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Calls are 3.75 CZK/min to all networks. SMS are CZK 1.94. SIM card activation fee is CZK 99. Prices are with VAT.
You can add an SMS bundle on the top of your tariff.

O2 CarControl
O2 CarControl

Tarify a zařízení pro správu vozového parku

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Uses for a machine tariff

Gate controlled by phone

Simply make a call and the gate will open. You’ll need a GSM module for gates, entryways and barriers.

What it can do: Open gates when an authorized number calls. Forward calls from arriving guests to your phone number so that you can talk to the caller and open the gate for them remotely. Display gate-opening history by number.

Suggested tariff for gate control: Machine

Safe home

Is a burglar trying to break into your house? Have your children locked up? You can stop worrying about these things if your home is protected by an alarm connected to a mobile network.

What it can do: Send an SMS when your home is unlocked, locked, or an incorrect code is entered. Call you in case of a suspected burglary. Answer a question if your house is currently locked.

Suggested tariff for home alarm: Machine + SMS package

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