Detailed terms and conditions

Tariffs and bundles can be used only in the Czech Republic in M2M devices using the following technologies: UMTS, EDGE, GPRS, HSDPA, HSUPA on access points (APN) Internet, Oneport, Cma, Telemetry, Telemetry 1, or Individual APN.

Data limits for Machine tariffs include both sent and received data. Once the data volume has been used, additional data rates are charged at CZK 0.04 per kB for data transmission in the Czech Republic. The maximum billed amount for transmissions billed in this way is CZK 3,630 in one billing period. Price of an SMS is CZK 1.94. Price of one minute for an outgoing call is CZK 3.75. (prices are with VAT). Unused data does not carry over to the next billing period.

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