O2 Internet Business

Unlimited internet for companies the functioning of which depends on the quality of their connection.

Benefits for everyday work

It is fast since time is money
It is fast since time is money

the same for downloading and uploading

You can rely on it
You can rely on it

It is stable and without aggregation

Don’t worry about hardware
Don’t worry about hardware

Devices and their maintenance are included in the price

We guarantee 99% availability
We guarantee 99% availability

And we can increase it to 99.5 %.

Help is always handy
Help is always handy

Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

O2 Internet Business under the microscope

The downloading and uploading speed is the same

The downloading and uploading speed is the same

O2 Internet Business is a symmetric internet connection. The speed of uploading data is thus the same as the downloading speed. That is why it is suitable for demanding data transmissions between applications, videoconferences, saving and backing up of data, etc. It is also ideal for an O2 Data center connection or for the O2 Cloud service.

rychlé stahování i nahrávání

Other benefits in comparison to a classic connection

Uploading speed is always higher from the speed of 4 Mbps in comparison with a regular connection (VDSL/ADSL). Furthermore, it is not aggregated. It means that the available capacity and speed doesn’t fluctuate as a result of how other internet users use the connection.

garance kvality

What the guaranteed quality and service availability mean

If there is an unplanned outage technicians always sort out your connection as a matter of priority. And it happens within 12 hours at the latest. That is why we guarantee at least 99% availability. If needed, we can secure e.g. mobile backup when we can replace a fixed connection with a high-speed mobile connection. More

It protects you against internet attacks

It protects you against internet attacks

We are a member of the Fenix team, which assembles trustworthy operators. We regularly test vulnerability of our network. We use renowned technologies and we replace them regularly. Thanks to this we are prepared to fend off internet attacks against our customers.

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Internet that can adapt to you

It is elastic

You can increase or decrease the connection speed at any time based on your current needs.Rychlost připojení můžete kdykoliv zvýšit nebo snížit podle toho, jak zrovna potřebujete.

You can expand it with useful functions

Thanks to add-on services such as Proactive notification of a failure, Application portal, IP Sec VPN Configuration, or Mobile back up you can optimize your connection exactly the way your work and business need it.

More informations

Quality and availability guarantee

The O2 Internet Business service price includes SLA 0. If there is a failure problems influencing a customer with a purchased SLA are being solved as a matter of priority.

Monthly availability (%) 99 99 99,5
Maximum failure time in hours 12 12 6
Maximum repair time in hours 2 2 1
Automatic sanctions No Yes Yes
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