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Submit your contract cancellation

Submit your contract cancellation

Contact your current provider and request service cancellation. 
You’ll get a 14-digit number (called OKU – an authorization number from the operator you are leaving), which is valid for 60 days.

Select an O2 tariff

Select an O2 tariff

Choose a mobile tariff that suits your needs the most. We will be happy to help you with your choice, just stop by an O2 Shop.

Provide us with your ČVOP number

Provide us with your ČVOP number

Provide us with your ČVOP number: visit an O2 Shop, call us on 800 02 02 02, or fill in an online form here.

If you no longer have a contract with your current operator (e.g. contract expired), we will transfer your number within three business days.

Changing your operator is less expensive

Changing your operator is less expensive

Stuck in a bad contract with the competition? As of April 2020 cancelling your contract is easier and less expensive than ever before. 
You no longer need to pay the entire commitment amount for all the remaining months. You will pay only one twentieth of the minimum monthly commitment for each month. And only in case you cancel your contract 3 months prior to the commitment period running out. And off you go to O2.

Získejte speciální nabídku

Nechte nám na sebe kontakt, rádi vám s přenosem čísla poradíme
Vaše údaje budeme zpracovávat za účelem jednorázového telefonického kontaktu s informacemi o našich službách. Více informací o zpracování osobních údajů najdete v dokumentu Zásady zpracování osobních údajů.
Zavoláme vám We will call you within the next 24 business hours.
Number transfer guide

If you have no commitments, or notice period with the provider you are leaving, we will transfer your number within three business days.

Day 0
We receive your request for a number transfer and the OKU number. We'll send the order for a number transfer to the operator you are leaving.
Day 1
The operator you are leaving confirms the OKU number and releases your phone number for transfer.
Day 2
The number is recorded in the central database of transferred numbers.
Day 3
Your number is active on O2.

While the number is being transferred, your SIM card might be temporarily unavailable.

Detailed information about transferring numbers can be found in the general terms and conditions for customers with a postpaid tariff, and forcustomers with a prepaid card.

What is a OKU number?

This is a 14-digit number that serves as a transfer authorization code. OKU is an abbreviation for a notice number from the operator you are leaving. This number is always generated by the operator you are leaving. 

If you already have your OKU number

If you have already submitted your order to us and you just wish to submit your OKU number, use our form:

Submit your OKU


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