Green Line - 800

Customers will call you before they call your competitors. When you have a Green Line, they can call you for free.

Your customers don't have to pay for calls to your toll-free Green Line. This service is one of the most efficient means of direct communication. With a number that is easy to remember you can reach a broad spectrum of customers.

Green Line benefits

  • an easy-to-remember number of your choice
  • attract more new customers
  • improve your company's image
  • your customers will return to you more frequently

A Green Line helps lower the costs of addressing your customers. When they are looking for information about your products or services, they can call you free of charge from anywhere in the Czech Republic. Your operators can answer their questions, as well as provide them with additional information in order to encourage them to purchase goods or services.

Pre-recorded voice messages will direct the customer to the operator. The messages can be recorded in four languages (Czech, English, French, and German) and they can be adjusted to suit your needs. Using the Black List, White List, or PIN services, you can limit access to your toll-free Green Line.

You can now also get a detailed list of calls made to your line, which will help you optimize your line's operator coverage, which can be achieved with, for instance, the Fixed Call Routing service. You can use the Colored Line Profile service to track changes and demands on the operation of your line on the Internet.

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