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Smart Wi-Fi function
Smart Wi-Fi function
Household security
Household security
Speed up to 1 000 Mb/s
Speed up to 1 000 Mb/s
1.5 mil household accelerated
1.5 mil household accelerated
Revolutionary 5G network
Revolutionary 5G network

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Availability at 99 % of addresses

up to 20 Mb/s

CZK 578
699 CZK with VAT
PROfi Internet AKTIV HD

up to 50 Mb/s

CZK 619
749 CZK with VAT

up to 100 Mb/s

CZK 702
849 CZK with VAT
PROfi Internet ULTRA HD

up to 250 Mb/s

CZK 785
949 CZK with VAT

up to 1000 Mb/s

CZK 950
1149 CZK with VAT
We give you an O2 Smart Box modem with super fast Wi-Fi for CZK 3,927 (CZK 4,752 with VAT) or a standard modem for CZK 1,944 (CZK 2,352 with VAT) with the Internet HD.
O2 Comfortable installation for free when it is ordered via phone.
More information about terms and conditions and prices

Fast and strong Wi-Fi

Many people need to solve problems with Wi-Fi connection quality even when they have a sufficiently fast connection. That is why we have created a super efficient modem O2 Smart Box, which will cover your entire house with a signal. Seven Wi-Fi aerials will take care of high-speed data transfers without any variations in performance. The Smart Wi-Fi function chooses the most suitable broadcasting frequency (2.4 and 5 GHz) so that you do not get disturbed by your neighbors’ signal.

Watch HD quality videos without waiting

Before you watch your favorite video on your monitor, it often needs to travel incredible distances. Servers can be as far as 1,000 kilometers away. This decreases its uploading speed and it can sometimes get jammed. That’s why we have saved majority of videos from the most viewed websites directly in our network and thus we have increased your way to them.

Securing your office and other benefits of an O2 Smart Box

O2 Smart Box is not just a super efficient modem. You can connect your security sensor, fire detectors, or smart to it. Simply install a mobile app to your phone and you will become the ruler of your smart appliances. For starters we will give you a door sensor worth CZK 999 for free with your O2 Smart Box.

We will make sure that your internet runs the way it should

We have added the exceptional O2 Virtual technician function to Internet HD. We check each internet connection quality online. Thanks to this we can immediately identify and eventual connection problem and fix it as soon as possible.

Wi-Fi modem with a life-long guarantee

With O2 Internet PROfi you get a Wi-Fi modem with a life-long guarantee. Using a secure signal you can connect your office and surrounding space. Should your modem stop working, we will make sure it is fixed or replaced within 24 hours.

You have a choice of 2 modems. For example an O2 Smart Box with extra strong Wi-Fi for CZK 3,927 without VAT (CZK 4,752 with VAT).

Your price includes a fixed IP address. What is it good for?

To make sure that your computer is directly and permanently accessible from the internet, you will need a fixed IP address. That comes is hand for example for running of local or FTP servers. A fixed IP address is also requested by “smart things” connected to the internet, and security, fire safety or camera systems. With Internet PROfi you get one fixed IP address directly in the price.

You can get O2 Comfortable Installation for free

Arrange a date and time of installation and you do not need to worry about anything anymore. A technician will come and install everything in your office or at your premises. You just get connected to the internet as you are used to. And if you order installation from us via a phone or from our business representative, you will get it for free. A standard fee is CZK 330 without VAT (CZK 399 with VAT).

Faster remedy of faults

We will renew your internet accessibility within the next business day from the moment you report the fault at the latest. The time you will not be able to get online is thus minimal. You do not need to worry about activation. You get the increased service support automatically with all the PROfi Internet HD tariffs. 

Detailed information about Internet HD

Terms and conditions and prices for the xDSL / Fiber technology

Regular monthly payments

Monthly fee CZK 577.69 without VAT (CZK 699 with VAT) CZK 619.01without VAT (CZK 749.00 with VAT) CZK 701.65 without VAT (CZK 849.00 with VAT) CZK 784.30 without VAT (CZK 949.00 with VAT) CZK 949.57 without VAT (CZK 1149.00 with VAT)
Download up to 20 Mb/s up to 50 Mb/s up to 100 Mb/s up to 250 Mb/s up to 1000 Mb/s
Upload up to 2 Mb/s up to 5 Mb/s up to 10 Mb/s up to 25 Mb/s up to 100 Mb/s

One-off payments when activating the service

Activation CZK 81.81 without VAT (CZK 99 with VAT)

O2 Comfortable Installation price is CZK 330 without VAT (CZK 399 with VAT).  If you order it via phone, it is free.

Majority of our customers install the internet on their own using a so called self-installing package. It contains a modem, all the needed instructions and a contact for technical support specialists, who are ready to help you with the connection of your modem at any time.

Payment for a connecting modem

You can choose one of two modems for your Internet for Work:

O2 Smart Box Superefficient modem CZK 3,927 without VAT (CZK 4,752 with VAT)
ZTE ZXHN H267A Standard modem CZK 1,944 without VAT (CZK 2,352 with VAT)

The offer applies always if you sign a commitment for 24 months. Monthly internet prices are guaranteed for the entire time the commitment lasts.

If you do not arrange a new commitment, once the old one runs out, your tariff is changed to a tariff without a commitment:

  • PROfi Internet OPTIMAL HD for CZK 701.65 without VAT (CZK 849 with VAT) per month
  • PROfi Internet AKTIV HD for CZK 742.97 without VAT (CZK 899 with VAT) per month
  • PROfi Internet PREMIUM HD for CZK 825.62 without VAT (CZK 999 with VAT) per month
  • PROfi Internet ULTRA HD for CZK 908.26 without VAT (CZK 1,099 with VAT) per month
  • PROfi Internet EXKLUSIV HD for CZK 1073.55 without VAT (CZK 1,299 with VAT) per month

You will be informed ahead of time about the date when your commitment runs out.

You will get the modem from us for good – when you activate the service it becomes your property and you do not need to return it even when you stop using our services.

More information and prices of older tariffs can be found in our Pricelist (PDF CZ only).

Terms and conditions and prices for the LTE technology

927Regular monthly payments – Internet OPTIMAL HD tariff

Monthly price CZK 413 without VAT (CZK 499 with VAT)
Download  up to 20 Mb/s
Upload  up to 2 Mb/s

One-off payments when activating the service

Activation free
Installation self-installation
SIM card activation 99 Kč

Payment for a connecting modem

ZyXEL LTE4506 Premium modem CZK 3,927 without VAT in a one-off payment (CZK 4,752 with VAT)
TP-Link ARCHER MR 200 Basic modem CZK 1,944 without VAT in a one-off payment (CZK 2,352 with VAT)

The modem price can be paid for in a one-off payment or in 48 monthly installments without a price increase, if it is bought at a shop or via phone. When the modem is bought in our e-shop it can only be paid for in a one-off payment.

When you get a modem to be paid for in installments, it is not possible to change the installments’ amount once you start paying them. Nevertheless, you can pay for the device early, if you need to cancel the service, e.g. when you move. The remaining amount that is due can be always found on your billing for O2 services.

More information and prices of older tariffs can be found in our Pricelist (CZ only).

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