• Ladislav Bartoníček

    Chairman of the Supervisory Board

  • Pavel Milec

    Vice-chairman of the Supervisory Board

  • Kateřina Márová

    Member of the Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board is a controlling body of the company. It shall supervise the exercise of the powers of the Board of Directors and the realization of the company's activities. Its authority is determined by the Business Corporations Act and the company’s Articles of Association. The Supervisory Board shall have 3 members. Two thirds of Supervisory Board members are elected and recalled by the General Meeting. One third of Supervisory Board members is elected and recalled by employees of the Company. The Supervisory Board shall meet as it finds it appropriate, usually once in a trimester, but no less than 4 times per calendar year. The Supervisory Board´s status and authority are stated in Articles 20 – 26 of the company’s Articles of Association.